On youth sports and politics

Oh, interesting! I was browsing through my drafts (from a time when I was writing a ton more) and I came across this post – fully written and ready to go. I just never posted it. It’s dated 10/17/15 and I haven’t edited it at all (aside from a stray comma that didn’t belong). Funny how much this still applies, but in completely different scenarios.



Since our move, we have learned a lot about small-town sports and personal agendas that go along with those sports.

It’s safe to say in any sport across America, parents want to see their kid be the star. That’s normal. What I have trouble understanding is there are some teams that aren’t really a team at all. It’s a hierarchy. Who do you know and what will it take to get what *I* want?

Fake friends aside, I think it’s the lack of integrity that’s so disappointing. Setting standards for a few kids and those same rules don’t apply to others is just confusing. Especially when the end result isn’t a positive one. It doesn’t make any sense.

The worse part of this is the kids know what’s happening. They see it. In some cases, the frustration level is so high because they can’t put their finger on it, but their gut is telling them something is wrong.

This is not how we teach our kids. 

It is our job to show them things are tough, things are earned, and what it means to be a team player. Yes, we walk onto that field to win, but first and foremost we walk out there as a team, working together to try to achieve that. Nobody rides for free.

Every position is valuable. Defense has the capability to win games. It’s not a dumping ground. Offense may score, but it’s defense that stops the other team. Try having a game with a single person team, how far will you get?

A coach is responsible for the training that goes into the team, but it doesn’t stop there. A coach is an extension of our community and our families. We trust in them to teach our children right from wrong (or in some cases, right from left). Just like the parents, a coach should help the kids navigate tough situations and making the right decision – even when it is hard. 

True colors have surfaced. I am disheartened.

Truthfully, maybe my expectations are too high. I expected more out of some. At the end of the day, it does no good to remain silent. All we can do is express our concerns and change our own behaviors based on what we know.


Mid-Summer Thoughts


Years ago I set in motion a series of requests (dreams?) that I’m realizing are now coming to fruition. Some of these requests are from childhood and others just a year or two old.

One of Each

When I was around ten, I had a fascination with Ewoks and naturally the movie Caravan of Courage. I watched this movie so often eventually the tape in the VHS cartridge wore out. What I loved the most about this movie was the brother and sister duo, Mace and Cindel. Something in me longed for an older brother and even though at the time I had no interest in ever having kids, I thought about how cool it would be to have two kids one day: a boy and then a girl.

Fast forward many, many years and I have exactly that. A boy and a girl. And while they might be in a phase of occasional bickering, my son looks after his little sister much like Mace did in that movie.

Twinkle Lights

In other moments of life, I’ve felt my friendships were lacking. Until I realized they weren’t.

But I still craved friendships in my daily, current life. Now a year after the move, I am noticing little flickers of light showing up in some people around me. Definitely, potential for full-blown, trusting, caring, actual friendships. I’m looking forward to the unfolding.

Slash/Slash Career

For years, I have been on the search for a career; that *one* thing that I do that takes all of my focus and drive. I longed to fit in a box, an easy way to describe what I do with one or two words. You know, something that would be listed in a drop down on an online form.

Yeah, that does NOT exist.

You may have heard of a Slash Career, but one slash won’t do it for me. I need at least three. Or four. I’m finding that to be happy I need layers of different types of work.  As one layer begins to slow down, another layer comes flooding in… the well is never dry.

I absolutely have moments of overwhelm and that usually occurs when the tide is shifting. As soon as I tie up one of the projects I’m working on, I find relief. I usually max out at four or five projects happening at one time. Anything more than that, the pressure is too much on me and unfortunately, my family.

So that’s where I’m at right now. I’m settled into my life up here and my Slash (slash, slash, slash…) Career – the type of career that doesn’t come with an elevator speech or drop down box. And that makes me happy.

Where are you finding your happiness these days?

In case, you’ve been wondering…

I’ve been wrapped up in loads of holiday goodness. Paintings, wrappings, crocheting things, and everything that comes with the winter season.

Plans for getting back on schedule with blog posts are underway and I think I will take this time to enjoy my family. A new year is around the corner and I am looking forward to what is to come. And you should too.

I wish you and yours a fantastic holiday season no matter what you celebrate. You deserve to be happy right now. Make sure that happens.

See you in the new year! xo