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If you’ve been following the blog, you already know that my husband and I are taking the plunge. We are opening a screen print and graphic design shop here in Orange, MA. We are so excited to be embarking on this journey together!

Side note: The question I get most is “Will you still paint?” Yes. Yes, I absolutely will.  Bring on the commissions. 🙂 

Support Orange Graphix

As we transition into this new phase, we are faced with lots of challenges that come up with opening a new business. And a good chunk of that is financial. Crowdfunding doesn’t feel like a good fit for us, but I have decided to hold a “Support Orange Graphix and Get a Painting” sale. This is a great way to support a local business AND get some cool art created during the 100 Paintings in 100 Days project. (FYI: That project will be hard to top. It was so intense! But I may try another soon…)

Day 96

Paintings, like the one above, are ready and waiting. Pick one price or two, it’s totally up to you. No matter what you choose, you have my deepest gratitude. By buying yourself (or someone you love!) a painting, you’ll not only get some art and you’ll be part of this bigger project that’s happening right now.

Search “100 Paintings” in the shop section to pick your favorites and support a local business. 

With love and so much gratitude,

PS: If custom apparel or graphic design appeals to you, your business or club/sport/facility,

Day 100: Day 100!

I detest being wasteful. I think that’s why I had a hard time opening up as a painter. I’m afraid to waste supplies. I worry about making a mess and not using the materials fully.

Day 100. This painting is the culmination of every single painting I’ve done over the last 100 days. Truth: It’s my palette. Every single paint and brush that has touched each 100 day canvas has also touched this one.

I had my reservations about putting this out there. Partly because I wanted to hang it in my own home as a reminder of this accomplishment, but I already have something. I have the stories and the connections I’ve made along the way. I have the growth and I have another canvas to paint. 🙂

I am also SO filled with gratitude for all of you who walked with me through all of this.

I realize this painting is a more sentimental piece. It encompasses everything about this challenge and all the emotions that go with it. As an additional “thank you” for your support, the buyer will receive a $20 coupon toward a custom piece (for yourself or to give as a gift). I really tried to figure out how to top what I’ve been doing. I think this is it.

I heart you guys so much and thank you for following me on this journey.

Day 100

12×16 Acrylic on stretched (ready-to-hang!) canvas. $100.   This baby SOLD!

Today’s “Pick Your Price” Gift:  Day 90’s 

Yep, it’s true. Every available painting (except for today) is “Pick Your Price!”

Today’s featured available painting:

Day 96 | Intuition

Day 96

We made it!!!


A note about shipping… 

Paintings were shipped this afternoon, but browse the shop to see if there’s anything you’re interested in. If there is, let me know ASAP, so we can try get it to you before the holidays!

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What’s this all about? Check out the details.

Day 99: Intuition IV

I saw this on Instagram today:

Whatever your work is,
keep doing it.
Through your doubt,
through your not-enough,
keep putting it out there.

Your purpose, your art,
will land in the hearts it’s meant to.
You won’t be for everyone,
but you are for someone.

And to that someone,
what you have to give matters,
and that changes everything.



THIS. This is what will guide my 2016.

Day 99

12×16 Acrylic on stretched (ready-to-hang!) canvas. $99.   Get it here.

Today’s added “Pick Your Price” Gift:  Day 80’s 

Right now, Day 20-89 prices are Pick Your Price! Tomorrow is the last day and we’ll be adding the 90’s.

Here is today’s featured available painting.

Day 87 | Flying Mario

Day 87



A note about shipping… 

I will be shipping paintings out tomorrow (Day 100!) in hopes that they get to their destinations on time. Stop in the shop to see if there’s anything you’re interested in – best to order sooner than later to ensure a timely holiday arrival.

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What’s this all about? Check out the details.