Meet the Robidoux’s

Amber here. About me bios. I am a painter, 100 day challenge enthusiast, go-getter and encourager of dreams.  

I’m also bit of an organizational freak.

I work hard to keep right brain – left brain activities in balance. I believe in connecting through art and that everyone possesses the ability to create. It’s all a matter of finding your medium.

No day is complete without finding paint in your hair, in your coffee mug, or on your K-9 studio assistant, Sky. [His picture is in the bio.]

I have been drawing, writing and painting since childhood. For the past decade, I’ve been weaving art in between my massage career, creating logos, and managing tasks for other small business owners. Oh, and raising my family. 

I am so grateful for how things have seemingly fallen into place and to that first person [and every person after] who reached out to me for a painting. Through your intended gifts, you have also given me one.

Sometimes it’s the smallest action that gives you enough strength to say, “I can do this.”

It’s time.  

Thank you so much for being here with me.