The shop is open!

The Doux Wild shop has been waiting in the wings for some time now. It’s been a work in progress and something I’ve been chipping away at for months now – you know, in my spare time.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 and having to put my main business on hold, it’s time to let this little side gig shine.

Some of you might remember this as and even before that, Wholehearted Artist. This site has morphed over time, but a couple things have remained consistent; writing and artwork.

So, why Doux Wild? Well, I’m looking to incorporate the family more. We’ve encountered some hurdles in recent years and we agreed it would be good to document them. Of course, we are incorporating a portion of our last name: Robidoux, but also, the word “doux“ is an Old French word for sweet.

This is our wild life. our sweet wild life. I’ve got some big plans for this blog and some of the avenues we’d like it to take. It’s just going to take some time – which is pretty much all we have right now.


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